Throat Chakra Induction: Embodiment Exercise

The Throat Chakra holds the sum total of your lived experiences with voice, expression, and truth. Many people find that exploring this chakra is complicated because they were silenced or repressed in childhood. Think of the myth of the "perfect child" who only speaks when spoken to. You may not have lived this experience, but those who did now have an opportunity to heal the silenced child within whose voice was not welcomed, sought or appreciated.

Perhaps your experience with truth and voice is different. Perhaps your voice has always been sought and appreciated, or perhaps you were encouraged to speak your truth as a child, but now, as an adult, you feel silenced-- at work, socially, or within your family. Whatever your experience, you can use this meditation to guide your exploration of the Throat Chakra.

1. First, bring your attention to the present moment and take a deep breath. Now, bring your attention to your throat, and swallow as deeply and intentionally as you can. (When you swallow, your regenerate the energies around your throat chakra. Anytime you feel lost for words or unable to articulate your needs, swallow and soften your neck.)

2. Ask yourself, "What is my deepest truth?" Allow yourself a moment to answer. Yes, it's a big--even overwhelming--question, but it is one you can use to move more fully into your souls purpose. Understanding and articulating your personal truth is the first step in acknowledging what you need to feel more fully alive.

3. As an answer comes to you, simply sit with it. Feel into it. Inhabit and experience it in your body. Once you understand your deepest personal truths, other truths will open from there. For example, if your deepest personal truth is that energy is real, then other truths emerge: If energy is real, magic is real; if magic is real, anything is possible; if anything is possible, you are limitless, your wildest dreams can come true.

4. Dream free, dear one. Know that you are treasured beyond measure and trust that you are expressing yourself in service of the highest truth of All Beings. Let the peace of your inner truth surround you.

5. When you feel connected to truth on every level, ask your ancestors and spirit guides to be with you as you integrate what you have seen.

Welcome their presence as they surround you. They are here to help you love and honor yourself more deeply than every before. When you feel fully wrapped in this blanket of support and wisdom, close your induction with the Universal Blessing: Amen, A'ho, So it it.

May you be comforted by the presence of your inner truth, always.

Love and Light Divine Beings!

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