Third Eye Chakra, Embodiment Exercise

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

The purpose of this induction is to help you distinguish your spirit sight from your physical sight. Intuition can be tricky, because many people have not yet learned to fully trust what they cannot see with their human eyes. But intuition is not so much about seeing as it is about sensing. So, to help you connect with your Third Eye Chakra, I will ask you to close your seeing, human eyes, because they will not always be accurate guides while exploring the deeper terrain of consciousness and awareness. Take your time here: This is the final frontier of metaphysical and spiritual development. Once you trust that you can receive and retrieve wisdom from non-local sources not bound by the constraints of space and time, the entire experience of your life can become more "magical" or inspired.

1. First, imagine closing your human, seeing eyes and opening your one, sensing eye. To do this, imagine a blank screen--like a movie screen-- behind your seeing eyes, upon which your soul can project images for you to explore and experience on a multidimensional level. Now, project an image of yourself during the happiest time of your life onto that screen--a time in which you were laughing, open and unafraid.

2. Then, clear this image from your mental screen and project an image of yourself during the most confident time in your life--a time in which you were glowing, radiant and empowered. How did you feel in this moment? Can you recall where you were or what your were wearing? Finer details like these help you crystallize your vision during visualization exercises!

3. Now, clear that image and project an image of yourself today. Where can you love yourself more fully right now, and how can you support yourself more deeply in this moment? What do you need in order to feel happy, loved, and seen? You have activated your Third Eye Chakra now in service of your Highest Good and your needs in this moment.

4. Imagine the possibilities if you could do the same for others and for our planet: For instance, if our planet could engage this broader love frequency, perhaps we would see an end to global conflicts. In this way, our Third Eye Chakra becomes a healing tool for all beings. Once we can "see" ourselves clearly, we can "see" others clearly, too. May your vision be of service to you and the entire Collective. And may you and others be healed by what you see with all of your eyes, always.

5. When you feel connected to your deepest inner knowing and inner channel to the divine, and when you feel that your vision has been fully activated, close your induction with the Universal Blessing: Amen, A'ho, So it is.

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