Third Eye Chakra, Anja

"If consciousness fails, the images sink back again into the dark, into nothingness, and everything remains as if unhappened. But, if it succeeds in grasping the meaning of the images, a transformation takes place, and not merely of consciousness, but strangely enough, of the unconscious as well; there is an activation of "nothingness"" - Aniela Jaffe

Consciousness loves to get wrapped around an image.. and this Chakra wants us to confront the discrepancy between the image, + reality + learn to see at a deeper level. When our illusory images are reinforced by the culture at large, this becomes very difficult to do. We are bombarded daily by images that tell us how to look, how to feel, how to behave, what to buy, where to go, and even what to see. We drive down the freeway without noticing the billboards of slim ladies and muscled men holding cigarette packs, even though our mind is unconsciously programmed with these pictures. As I write this, my son is glued to the TV. He is being programmed with the values inherent in the shows he watches, which compete with our attempts to influence his conscious mind in other ways.

Our thinking process is believed to be 90% visual. The images around us parade through our fantasies and dreams, our conscious mind and our unconscious behavior, affecting all that we see and do. They distort the nature of what we see, creating illusions that we then take for reality. What light can we shine through the sixth Chakra to illuminate this problem?

I like to think of the sixth Chakra as a metaphoric stained glass window through which the light of consciousness shines on its way to manifestation. When the sun shines through the colored glass, it projects the image of the stained glass on whatever solid surface it hits. The light of consciousness shines through the pictures we hold in our minds, shaping what we create. These images are also filters through which we see things, sometimes distorting our perceptions. The awakening of Consciousness requires clearing the third eye of illusion so we can see what is within and around us without distortion.'

The Sanskrit name for this Chakra, Anja, means both "to perceive" and "to command." We see images with our physical eyes, but the third eye center holds those images in memory, which can distort our perceptions. From these perceptions, we command our reality.

With the healing of this Chakra, we are able to create vision. We are able to form, consciously, the path to the future and liberate ourselves from the grips of the past. Our vision makes the difference.

The image above will link you to the Embodiment Exercise for this Chakra!

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