Solar Plexus, Manipura

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In the inner world, we think power is gained by fighting our inferior parts with the strength of our superior parts. If the right side wins, then we have a sense of power. If we lose, we feel powerless. We are asked to exert mind over matter, to prove our strength by dominating our basic instincts, suppressing the raw energy of the core self, which is the psychic source of our power. Struggle itself becomes the focus of our life force.

There is no doubt that at times, winning this kind of inner battle is important. But the victory of one part over another does not lead to wholeness, but further fragmentation. Such battles rob the system of energy and usually reemerge to be fought again and again. It is no wonder that the recovery movement is full of victims, scapegoating their evil persecutors, hoping to regain their lost power, not always realizing that we are all victims of an oppressive social system, of cultural values that belittle us, and of an outdated concept of power itself. We have lost the sense of our own sacredness; lost contact with the power within.

It is not power we seek so much as the overcoming of victimization--the ability to determine our own lives. For what greater responsibility than to allow the divine within the freedom of its unique unfoldment?

To restructure the way we think of power and to channel and contain that power within our own being is the challenge of the third chakra. It transforms us, igniting our life with purpose. To have true power emanating from within renews the joy of being alive.

What is needed to reclaim our power is to enter an entirely new dynamic, a new definition of power that lifts us out of struggle and into transformation, out of the past and into the future, one that inspires, strengthens, and empowers individuals without diminishing others.

The dynamics of power within the chakra system are also built on duality, but in a way that emphasizes combination and synergy rather than separation and struggle. Raw energy is created from a combination of the first and second chakras' attributes of matter and movement. The expression of that energy as action is motivated by survival and pleasure, the instinctual forces that combine to create our ascending liberating current.

Transforming the instinctual impulses into willed activity is made possible by the decent of consciousness, which gives form and direction through understanding as it meets and mediates the ascending current of liberation (see figure below). When the ascending and descending currents combine, the raw energy of power is focused into activity. Only through this combination do we realize that the true purpose of power is transformation.

So we enter the third chakra through the gate of duality. By successfully integrating both sides of polarity, we emerge into a third realm that simultaneously includes and transcends polarity by creating a new dynamic. Here we reach beyond the oscillating realms of either-or, win-lose, black-white--and enter the rainbow realm of multiplicity. Once we have ventured out toward the middle of the Rainbow Bridge, our choices expand, our horizons widen. As our options increase, so do our strength and our freedom.

As we exercise choice, we initiate the will. Through exercising our will, we develop our individuality, discover our strengths and weaknesses, and begin to build the power that will steer our lives. We leave the realm of safety and security, carrying our safety within the ground of our own body. So many people in recovery are understandably concerned about feeling safe. But power is not created from staying safe; power comes from the willingness to leave the world of safety and move forward in the realm of the unknown. As we meet challenge, it strengthens us by forcing us to grow. Power, like a muscle, will not increase by doing nothing.

In the Chakra System as a whole, the purpose of the third chakra is to transform the inertia of matter and movement into a conscious direction of willed activity. Earth and Water are passive and dense. They more downward. Chakras one and two are instinctual. They follow the paths of least resistance. The fire of of the Solar Plexus Chakra is dynamic and light, rising upward, moving away from gravity. This change is necessary to reach the upper Chakras and complete our journey.

We must be willing to leave passivity behind when dealing with this Chakra. We must be willing to leave the way it has always been, to transform our habits, set a new course and enter Chakra three. We must be willing to individuate--to step out of the familiar and expected and confront the challenge of uncertainty.

"Thus to be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great," says Hegel." "You must be the change you wish to see in the world," says Gandhi.

Friction makes sparks. Fire transforms matter to heat and light, and gives us the ability to see and to act. Fire awakens us from our passive slumber, sparking consciousness into understanding. Understanding tempers the fire, binding raw energy into power, direction, and transformation. Thus we enter the fiery yellow section of our Rainbow Bridge on the unfolding journey from matter to consciousness.

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