Sacral Chakra, Svadisthana

In many cases, Sacral Chakra blocks last for years, if not decades, and in Western cultures are often thought to be associated with age. Many people think it is natural to lost inspiration, sexual desire or passion, and the ability to conceive a child with age. While there are natural physical limitations to childbearing, you can (and should) receive inspiration and desire sexual intimacy well into the later years of life. After all, the best years of life are often the later years, when earned wisdom shapes experience and helps prevent the mistakes of youth. So, too, should the later years of life be full of laughter, intimacy, and creative exploration.

At the Sacral Chakra, it is possible to heal trauma from sexual abuse in the past or present, as well as medical procedures like hysterectomies, Caesarian sections, and abortion. Healing sexual trauma as a means of overcoming infertility or boosting creativity may seem strange at first, but everything is related in energy work, bound by region of the body and center of energy. Anything you bring into being in this life--whether it is a child, a new idea or invention, a project, some kind of service to others, or leadership in any capacity--is governed by the Sacral Chakra.

For many women, blockage in the Sacral Chakra leads to the closing-off of sexual intimacy in relationships and can have far-reaching consequences, including depression and loss of hope as well as separation and divorce, in dire cases. If this sounds familiar, know that help is on the way! The induction exercises in this section offer tips and strategies for opening and healing this important energy center. Your vitality--and, thus, your happiness--depends on it. You are meant to live a full, sexy, vibrant life!

Click on the image to access the Embodiment Exercise : Sacral Chakra Induction

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