Sacral Chakra Induction: Embodiment Exercise

This Sacral Chakra induction is designed to help introduce you to the energies of this chakra, which governs all creative and procreative endeavors. If you are ready to explore the art and the passion of your life, this is your chance, Use this short meditation to guide you.

1- Become mindfully aware of your thoughts now, and bring them into this moment. Notice the objects around you, the Earth beneath you, and take moment to look around your life and recognize how many of the people, things, and structures in your life exist because you made them. Yes, you! To connect here at the Sacral Chakra, it is important for you to view yourself as a sacred, creative vessel of inspiration, a veritable fountain of passion and desire that overflows into all aspects of your life. You might imagine your desire and your passion as rivers of water or flowing lava from an ancient volcano. Visualize your deepest essence pouring out of you like water or liquid fire, nourishing or melting everything in its path. You are tapping into a river of your own power. Feel it bring you to life, one cell at a time.

2- Some believe that sexual energy is only necessary in a relationship with a partner, but in fact sexual energy is the currency of the entire Universe. Every being, every vibrational creature understands and responds to sexual frequencies. This means that seduction is about honoring the value of what you have to offer and sharing it with others from a place of deeply shared desire for connection. That connection can be emotional or physical, or it can simply be a neutral vibration without attachment. When you see yourself as the Seductress, as the one who enchants and seduces, how does that feel? Let the energy of the Seductress drape itself around you like a gorgeous velvet shawl. Feel its soft warmth around you and then consider how you can bring that luxurious sensuality into your life.

3- Ask yourself which experiences in your life today bring you pleasure. Make a mental list of those activities or experiences, noting the ones you have engaged in within the past twelve months. Then, commit to bringing more of these experiences into your life. If you are in a relationship, consider involving your partner. It can be very exciting to bring shared passions and desires to life!

4- Once you have connected with the energies of the Seductress and identifies the desires you wish to access and fulfill, give thanks for the blessings these desires will bring into your life. So begins the cycle of abundance and prosperity, rooted in faith, trust and sweet surrender.

By consciously reconnecting with your ability to desire and be desired, you will feel empowered, and empowerment fuels health, self-esteem, and, by extension, happiness. Thus, doing the work of the Sacral Chakra--while sometimes painful and difficult, especially if Childhood trauma is triggered--is very much a worthwhile venture. Your entire life receives an infusion of passion and creative courage. Get ready to feel alive and inspired! Nothing is more important, because no one is more important than you when it comes to your soul's development.

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