Root Chakra, Muladhara

The Root Chakra is your primary point of balance between the Below and the Above. An unbalanced or unattended Root Chakra can affect every aspect of your life, which is why many energy workers and Reiki practitioners take a bottom-up approach to chakra work, beginning at the Root, ( or even deeper, at the Earth Star ) and working upward toward Source channels at the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star. When your Root Chakra is active, clear and functioning well, you are free to move confidently in the world, knowing you are safe, supported and seen.

In Sanskrit, the name of this chakra 'Muladhara' means "support" or "root". This is where male sexual energy sits in the physical body (feminine sexual energy in the Sacral Chakra). Where the Earth Star Chakra is a portal to the Earthly Kingdom of Minerals, crystals, and subterranean channels of spirit animals and insects, the Root Chakra is a portal to our own physical kingdom-- the bodily resources and physical structures that keep us safe in the three-dimensional world we inhabit right now. The masculine energy of the Root Chakra isn't specifically male; it is a protective force field that can bring a deep sense of comfort to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or identification. When you learn to connect to the masculine energy stream, you find a steady companion for your journey, one who can ground, stabilize, and direct you toward the best outcome for your work and your life.

Lack of grounding remains the number one challenge for Empaths and Energy workers. Many have not yet learned how to engage the lower and upper chakras all at once, so that while we channel and receive guidance, we can anchor that new wisdom, integrate it, and bring it into embodied form. When you are not grounded, it is difficult to manifest effectively or quickly.

In energy terms, manifestation is the act of bringing thought into form, or bringing your desires into being. The very act of manifestation requires you to engage a deeper density of matter, calling in energies to create new form, which requires a powerful tethering of your energy to the Earth. If you manifest from an ungrounded place, your creations will be temporal and fleeting. Imagine building a house without solid foundation. You wouldn't even think about doing it, would you? Well, then, neither should you attempt to create or manifest from a place of ungrounded floating in the ethers. "Lift up and root down," is a mantra I offer as a reminder that we are equipped with both roots AND wings. You are both the Earth and the Spirit. You inhabit both. And so you must create from both.

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