Root Chakra Induction: Embodiment Exercise

  1. This meditation can be done either standing or lying down. Stretch out your arms and legs and lift your head. Notice how very tree-like your body is: your arms are beautiful branches, adorned with lovely, leaf-like fingernails. Next, bring your attention to your legs. They are also strong branches--or, when held together, the strong trunk of your tree. Your neck is another branch, lifting your face to the sky so you can receive the life force energy of the air you breathe. When you realize how much you are nature in every way, you realize that there is no distance between you and the Mother, Pachamama, great and bountiful Gaia.

  2. The Mother is not merely one figure or character in your life; instead, she comes in many forms and as many teachers. Some teach you of the loving, benevolent mother who keeps you safe, nourished and fed. Others teach you of the dark mother who jeopardizes your well-being through her own selfish actions and desires. The reality of mothering in human form is found somewhere along the spectrum between martyrdom and abandonment. One model harms us; the other harms the other.

  3. To discern which type of mothering energy is most relevant to you right now, sense where in your life or in your energy field you feel neglected. Bring your attention to that place or places. What might help you heal the feelings of neglect you sense? IF you do not sense neglect, notice whether you feel nourished and well looked after. Once you discern whether you are nourished or neglected, you can do a more effective job of balancing Root Chakra energies.

  4. When you balance Earth with Source, when you stand between the Below and the Above, and allow yourself to receive, integrate, and be both, you begin to access a deeper layer of conscious awakening. Allow yourself to be curious about this moment and to notice where you balance the Above and Below within. Ask yourself where you feel most connected to Source energies. How does you connection to each manifest? How do you create balance within your body and externally in your life?

  5. Imagine it now. You are, quite literally, straddling these two worlds even as you read these words. You are the Above and Below in one magnificent form. Allow yourself to feel that power now, that connection. Feel your hips open and imagine the bright beam of white universal light that flows through all beings flowing through and into the soles of your feet, from the core of the Earth, through Gaia and the great Earth Star, up through the Root and remaining chakras, through the Crown to the Soul Star and beyond, out to the farthest galaxies.

  6. Then, see the very top of your head open to the skies, allowing that white beam of universal light energy to return from the farthest reaches of the universe back through the star systems and constellations, down through the Earths atmosphere and into you Soul Star (12 cm above crown) and Earth Star (12 cm below feet) chakras, through the central column, down through the lower chakras and back.... here. Here in the Mother's womb; here in Gaia's uppermost realms; here, where mortals walk, learn, grow, love, laugh, lost, and explore. Here, where energy becomes matter.

  7. Here you are. Here it is. Here you can rest, safe, connected, and able to release any energy no longer in your sacred service. Say, silently or aloud, "Guardian Angels, bless us as we integrate the magic and wisdom of the upper and lower realms. Bring us peace as we stand between the worlds and expand our consciousness to reflect universal love and oneness. Amen, So be it, and so it is."

  8. To conclude this induction, take a deep breath. On the exhale, imagine that your are dropping a huge golden anchor down into the Earth below you. As you do, feel the grounding as it strengthens and supports you. Allow yourself to rest here, knowing you are safe, whole, and well. These are the gifts of the Root Chakra. May they serve you well, always.

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