Heart Chakra Induction: Embodiment Exercise

The Heart Chakra induction is designed to open and expand your heart space. Let past hurts go and be fully here now, welcoming the love that surrounds you. Bathe in this awareness as you begin the ritual.

1. Close your eyes and allow yourself to connect deeply with this moment, noticing that position of your body, the slow inhale and exhale of your breath, the temperature around you. Let go of the stress of yesterday or earlier today, and release your anxiety about what might happen later today or tomorrow. Be here now.

2. From this place of centered connection, bring your attention to your heart. Cross your hands over your heart, and inhale there. As you exhale, imagine a bright green ray of light emanating from your chest into your hands, surrounding them in a bubble of healing and loving green light. This is the Green or Emerald Ray, the light of love and unconditional, compassionate care that comes only from our heart center. You may already be familiar with the concept of unconditional love, but if not, simply imagine the love you would feel for a baby or small child who needed your help, or a small animal that could not care for itself. That place of unselfish offering is the essence of the Heart Chakra.

3. Bring your attention to the Green Ray and summon its light into your hands, allowing it to form into a green sphere of healing love energy within your palms. As your hands warm, know that you are holding within them the very energy of love itself, a powerful tool to be held and used with great care and reverence. Where will you send this Green Ray? To someone you love, or to the far corners of the Earth to bless those you have never met? Imagine the possibilities of wielding a beam of healing light energy; in some ways, holding this power is unimaginable--and yet, you already do and always have. By imagining energy, you gather, mold, manifest, and direct it with ease.

4. Take your hands now and stretch them out before you, sending the Green Ray of light and love to every place it is needed. Ask your guides to send the ray on your behalf to where it is needed, trusting that they are aware of spaces in need where you have never been, souls in need you have never met. Let the Love Energy flow through you without restriction, serving as a good channel for its passage. May you be blessed as a conduit of love, always.

5. Fold your hands in prayer, and then bring your folded hands to your heart space. Give thanks for love within and without: love above, love below. Then close your induction with the Universal Blessing: "Amen, A'ho, So it is."

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