Crown Chakra, Embodiment Exercise

The Crown Chakra is literally your crown of divine wisdom and contact with the Divine. Here you are working with the first layer of spirit guides and angelic beings who serve as intermediaries between this realm and theirs. When you want to activate and channel their wisdom, you can use this meditation to guide your exploration of the Crown Chakra and its many inspirational gifts.

1. Think of the Crown Chakra as a literal crown of amethyst crystals and purple roses, lit from within by the Violet Ray of Light. Visualize it glowing above your head, gently resting there. You become an example to others of peace and spiritual awareness just by being, by allowing yourself to receive the energy emitted by this energy center. At the Crown Chakra, we learn the medicine of allowing and becoming.

2. The Crown Chakra is also a potent source of physical and spiritual healing, while the Heart Chakra is your center of love and compassion, you experience unconditional love at the Crown Chakra, because here you are welcomed, understood, and seen just as you are. Here you are revered and held as a child of all creation. Here, you are guided and loved, seen and recognized at the soul level as kindred of the spirit realm. As you open the Crown Chakra, the top of your head may tingle or vibrate, or you may feel lightheaded. These are perfectly natural reactions.

3. To experience the magic of the Crown Chakra, recognize that within this energy center sits your deepest sovereignty. You are seen here as the Queen or Goddess, King or God, that you truly are. When you allow yourself to feel your sovereignty--that is, your truly incredible power and divine authority--what feelings arise? Physically, as you connect to your inner power, you might feel dizzy or as if you are floating, or tingling in your hands and feet, as these are other places in the body where excess energies are expelled. These, too, are normal reactions.

4. When you trust that you are right where you are meant to be in life, in this moment, you access a level of peace few experience. This peace stems from the knowledge that you simply need to be, and, just by being, you change the world. At the Crown Chakra, you are invited to explore your thoughts about yourself and your life, untangling them from old patterns that may have limited you in the past. Rise now to the occasion of your soul and find your power. When you feel ready to receive this freedom, extend your arms out to your sides and allow yourself to feel the flow of energy from root to crown, extended from your feet to the very top of your head and out, side to side, from your left fingertips to your right ones.

5. Once you feel the surge of energy, which could be experienced as warmth, tingling, coldness, or lightheadedness, relax your arms and bring your attention to the top of your head. Imagine a ring of light surrounding your head, a beacon of truth and wisdom surrounding you now and always. Give thanks for this saved connection to the Divine and then close this induction with the Universal Blessing: Amen. A'ho, So it is.

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