Chakra Assessment: Embodiment Exercise

*Take a moment to press play on the video at the bottom of this post as you read through it to help you get in the zone*

Just as your physical body benefits from a regular checkup, your Chakras also benefit from regular assessments. This exercise is one way to quickly and effectively evaluate the condition of your energy centers, as well as receive guidance and wisdom about where your attention is required/needed.

Take a moment to call your energy into present time by speaking your name out loud, over and over, in a soft voice, or by imagining your name written into sand on a beautiful beach. Invite your guides to be present with you. Call in the guardians of space and time to anchor the four corners and four cardinal elements as you begin a scan of you sacred energy centers.

Begin by calling upon your guardian energies. Speak the following words out loud or whisper them softly to yourself:

"Guardian Keepers of the East, energies of air and flight, we welcome you. Please bring us a bright new beginning and new wisdom to help us integrate our work. Guardian Keepers of the South, energies of fire and power, we welcome you. Please bring us a strong and courageous spirit to empower our work. Guardian Keepers of the West, energies of water and flow, we welcome you. Please purify us and cleanse our hearts as we bring love to the world, and please open a container for prosperity to flow freely toward our work. Guardian Keepers of the North, energies of Earth and time, we welcome you. Please ground and protect us as we embody our work. We thank you for your presence. So be it, so it is."

Then, let this meditation guide you...

Now begin to notice every part of your body, giving thanks as you go. Thank the soles of your feet, and the Earth below you, for rooting you into the present moment and reminding you of your inherent safety and sovereignty. Thank your legs, hips, lower back, and pelvic floor for guiding you and inspiring you, and for bringing the force of creation and life through you. Thank your ovaries or testes, your life-giving capacity and birthing potential, your sensual self. Thank your digestive system and kidneys; your adrenal system; your lungs, your breath of life. Thank your heart and your esophagus, throat, tongue, and teeth. Thank your voice and your truth. Thank your face and your cheeks, your seeing eyes and your knowing eye. Thank your ears, the top of your head, your hair, and the soft spot of knowing that connects you to the Creator.

Thank your body as a whole. Allow all to be, just as it is, right here, right now, as it desires to be. There is nothing to change, nothing to fix. All is available for noticing, for scanning, for discerning.

Speak these words aloud:

"Energy centers, reveal your needs. Speak your truths to me. Show me where my attention is needed so that I may invoke the healing potential of my own ability to restore, recover, and repair anything that needs it, in perfect time and alignment with my whole health. So be it, so it is."

Notice what comes forward for you in this exercise, and pay attention to even the subtlest of signs. You might see, sense, smell, or feel something (or a lot of somethings) but ALL information is welcome. Then, Journal what you have noticed and make a note of the date and time. Continue to record any thoughts, feelings, or emotions that arise in the next 48 hours.

Blessed Be, Divine Ones. Love and Light.

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